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Our Stop Smoking Treatment

  • Our bioresonance and hypnotherapy treatment is unique and a proven way for you to stop smoking. (Bioresonance as seen on BBC News TV)
  • There are no side effects and the treatments are completely safe and painless.
  • We use it alongside our advanced hypnotherapy (or it can be used separately) giving you the best chance you will ever have to quit smoking.
  • These two therapies alone have been statistically proven to be the most successful, powerful and easiest way to help you quit.
  • A success rate in excess of 95%
  • You have nothing to lose except your habit!

UpperStorey Care Clinic is the only clinic in Hereford and Worcester to offer bioresonance treatment. There has been in excess of  10,000 smokers now successfully treated in the UK with bioresonance to quit smoking.

Remove the physical cravings AND the mental habit

  • Our bioresonance and hypnotherapy treatments have been designed to remove the mental and physical cravings and habits of why you smoke and looks to completely remove the craving for cigarettes or tobacco in any form
  • Breaks 'the mental and physical habit' of smoking a natural detox process of both mind and body, leaving you craving and nicotine free
  • The treatment has been designed to effectively help physically detox your body of nicotine, and also remove the mental habits leaving you as if you had never smoked

You can too!

It doesn't matter what 'type' of smoker you are - here are a few examples of people who have quit smoking with our treatments - 
  • Neil from Worcester smoked 120 cigarettes a day (!) and stopped after 1 treatment with no cravings, 2 years later he is still not smoking. 
  • Kevin James from Worcester smoked 40 roll ups a day and stopped after 1 treatment with no cravings. 
  • Andy Fox quit after 1 treatment and went straight down the pub with with no cravings - 12 months on he is still not smoking. 
  • Keith from Worcester was a habitual 30 to 40 a day man, he quit after two treatments. 
  • They now recommend us to the smokers who want to quit like yourself. (See their testimonials)



I also wanted to share our previous success as both Gareth and myself have not had a cigarette since our sessions with you over 5 years ago now!!! It seems incredible. Neither of us feel like we ever smoked! Since quitting I have taken up running, doing lots of races including Snowdonia marathon last year: something I could never have done without your help. Many thanks again: you have simply changed our lives!! Best wishes Dominique Edwards


Hi Kevin Hope you and your wife are both well ,its been four years today Helen & myself came to your clinic and we are still not smoking,I would

recommend anyone to come to your clinic.

Thank you

Norma Young

Hi Kevin

Hope you are well and things going ok for you.

Couple of things.

Just to let you know, 3 months and still not smoking, feeling really good about  it all. I feel so much healthier and of course my bank balance is a lot healthier too.

Caroline Pickering

Hi Kevin,

In reply to your e mail today, I feel like I am doing really well, I have not smoked since 8.30am on Thursday. I am dealing with it calmly. Today will be difficult as I am working with heavy smokers so I am set for the challenge. As for the further treatment I don't feel that I need this at the moment, BUT I will let you know if I need it especially after today's shift 



Hi Kevin

I've been doing fine. It feels like I never smoked and I dont even think of cigarette. It's been a week since I had my last cigarette and no cravings at all. I can not believe how easy it can be with this treatment.

Thank you for everything. Regards Imre

I still can not believe that, this can be so easy as it is. Still no cravings or desire for a cigarette, and I feel lot better day by day.

Thank you again.

Imre Erdelyi - Hereford

Hi Kevin
Jean here, well I must say I'm amazed!
I have no craving for a cigarette although it is strange drinking tea and coffee indoors!!
I have been in the company of smokers and it has not bothered me at all.
Jean - Hereford

Hi Kevin
Really did mean to contact you before now, well over the 12 months now,  still smoke free.
Thank you so much for all your help
Amanda Harker - Worcs

Hi Kevin
So far so good, very few cravings and those that I have had have been easy to deal with.  I have listened to the CD every day not sure how much is going in, I tend to fall asleep but I have to say feel very relaxed after.  Chris has been amazed, I think he was dreading it, as when I have given up smoking in the past I become horrible especially to him, he said yesterday that if I was anymore relaxed I'd be in a coma!.
So thank you very much, you gave all and much more than was offered on your website.
Kind Regards
Amanda Harker - Worcs

Hi Kevin
It`s been 3 years today that Helen & myself came to your clinic and we have not smoked 1 cigarette in that time,we would like to say again a big THANK YOU.
Hope you are well.
Norma Helen and of course Ron

Hi Kevin,
Sorry I have not emailed you in a while I’ve been really busy on the run up to Christmas and then New Year in New York (by the way it was amazing) and especially worth giving up smoking for. Next Saturday it will be 5 months since I came to see you - I can’t actually believe how long it has been, but one thing is for sure I haven’t looked back. It was the best money I ever spent!!

Hope you are well, and had a great Christmas and New Year. 
Thanks again 

Elizabeth Hill
Hi Kevin
Thanks for getting in touch, well, so far so good with regards the no smoking.

My moods and energy levels have all picked up and evened out so I feel pretty positive. I can't say I've had any actual cravings which is fantastic.
Thanks again so much for an incredible treatment.
Kind Regards,
Judy T

Hi Kevin,
It was 5 weeks on Saturday since i came to see you and still have not smoked. I have finished listening to the CD now and feel great. Me and matt are going to New York for New Year as by that time i would have saved around £400 from not smoking so i am treating myself!
Hope you are well and still hearing success stories from your clients.
I cant thank you enough - its a miracle!!
Elizabeth Hill (Lizzy - Non Smoker) 

Hi Kevin,
Just wanted to keep you updated with me. I still have not smoked since 12 September when i came to see you. It hasnt even bothered me - although i have had thoughts about smoking i havent had the urge to smoke. I am believing in myself alot more as a non-smoker and am really enjoying it. My mum is over the moon and keeps reminding me how well im doing which is great. I have told a few people that i have quit smoking and most people dont believe me as i have been doing it for so long. Still listening to the CD every night which i find a great help.
Thanks again for all your help,

Hi Kevin.
Just to thank you once again for all of your help in helping me giving up smoking.
My wife feels very strongly about giving up and has exhasted all other self-help (patches etc).  She feels that she can't do it on will-power alone.  Therefore would it be possible for her to book with you? Could you let us know when you are avaliable?
 Many thanks again

NB: Gareth's wife, above,  booked in and came to me a week later and she quit too.

Hi Kevin
It`s been 2 years today that Helen and myself came to your clinic and we have not smoked 1 cigarette in that time, we would like to say a big THANK YOU.

Norma & Helen Swansea

Hi Kevin, Things have been amazing, Sunday Evening I was out with a guy that Smoked, I even went outside with him for smoke breaks and felt nothing but disgusted by them, I have felt great ever since my visit, its as if I had never smoked, even though I know I did. I almost feel it would be Harder to smoke one now than it was to give up in the first place.

All the old feelings I had about smoking have gone, I can now survive a whole working day without even noticing I am not smoking, the whole Psychological thing has gone, I walk past people in the street that are smoking and Smell that terrible smell.....(which is great)...I havent smoked one since that Saturday, I know its only been less than 2 weeks, but the ease of which the time has passed has convinced me that the Smoking Habit is now finally gone..

Many Thanks again Kevin, you are a genius...

(Oh and by the way, there will be quite a few Colleagues and friends contacting you very soon)

Ross Vincent - South Wales (an EX-Smoker)

Hi Kevin

Thank you for emailing me to see how I am!! I have been fine for the most part - i have resigned my position at work in the last few days so things have been rather stressful but the good thingthere is that although things have been rather tough i have not smoked or even wanted to smoke! Has almost been like the ultimate test. Your session has proved incredibly successful for me and i really dont envisage myself requiring another visit re: smoking!

I honestly cant thank you enough - i know my brother and mother will be contacting you in due course for the same session!

thanks again Kevin for all your help!!

kind regards

Chris B - Worcester

Hi Kevin,

Cannot believe it, Yes I am still euphoric I have not had a cigarette,  cant say I have even wanted to try, and have had no cravings at all, odd feeling that I know I did smoke but can't understand why it is so easy?   Felt absolutely fine while Mom was smoking on Saturday evening (you may have another client) and it did not bother me.

Have not yet listened to the CD but feel really great that I DO NOT SMOKE!!!!!!!!!

Kind regards,

Caroline - Birmingham

Hi Kevin, Just wanted to let you know since our session, I haven't had a cigarette. It has been amazing how there has been no cravings and I couldn't recommend the treatment enough to people if they want to give up.

Thank you again to you and Jennifer for making us feel so welcome.

Kind regards

Louisa - London

"Hi Kevin, Henry here. I came to see you about 8 months ago to stop smoking. The good news is I have still not had a cigarette and can’t see that I ever will. Just wanted to say thanks".

Henry - Worcs

"It is nearly 10 months since my daughter and myself came to seen you in than time we have not smoked 1 cigarette, and we would like to thank you for what you did for us".
Thank You
Norma & Helen, Swansea

"It's been 24 hours since my last cigarette and I couldn't feel better! I left last night feeling on top of the world, and the feeling still hasn't gone! So, whatever you did it has worked, and I don't envy my girlfriend for doing it cold turkey, the old fashioned way. I even managed the pub straight after getting home last night, and I really didn't even want to smoke!!!! Very odd!?!?!?!!

So, THANKYOU!!!!!!! I would most definitely recommend your services. You've already been recommended to about 10 people".

Mr A. Jones, Worcs

"Many thanks, to date three and a half weeks later I have not had a cigarette and I have had no cravings at all. With the added bioresonance it was just what was needed to back up the hypnotherapy. My taste is returning and boy, do I smell better, it'll make my job enforcing the new smoking legislation so much easier now. Many thanks its worked for me".

Andy Fox, Worcs

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